Google AdWords is one, if not the most effective marketing tool a business can utilize to increase sales and leads in a short-term. AdWords is able to deliver a great return on investment (ROI), and yet most advertisers are not making a profit or not doing as well as they could.

At SEMCove we have the necessary level of expertise and experience to make the AdWords work for you.


What We Offer

Our aim is provide a simple and effective AdWords campaign setup service. We work with companies that are new to AdWords as well as businesses that currently use or have used AdWords in the past, but are not happy with the results. We also offer a white label AdWords setup service and help agencies around the world with the overflow work.

Please watch the video to learn more about our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services or scroll down the page to see our process, client testimonials and learn more about us.

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Why Order Today?

Professional AdWords Setup

AdWords set up cost is a small part of the overall budget. Don’t let your investment go to waste as result of a poorly set up campaign. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to set up an effective AdWords campaign for you.


We don’t have any fixed contracts in place. We set up your AdWords campaign and leave the management up to you. And if you do need help with AdWords / PPC management and optimization, our team of AdWords specialists is here to help at an hourly rate.


We have designed a process that allows us to streamline the AdWords setup service without sacrificing quality. Once the briefing is done we aim to complete your order within 48-72 hours depending on the size of the AdWords campaign.


The cost of our AdWords setup service starts at just $299. Each plan comes with a free AdWords account audit, keyword research and a basic Google Analytics setup. We’ll also throw in a $100 worth of AdWords credits towards your new advertising campaign*

Our Process

We have designed a simple 4 step process to ensure you receive the best possible service and get up and running with AdWords in no time. We aim to complete AdWords campaign setup in 48-72 hours once the briefing is done.

White Label AdWords Service

Are you an agency? Are you are looking for a permanent, reliable and discrete AdWords service provider, reseller? Or maybe you just need a little bit of extra help with the overflow work? Our AdWords, SEM white label service is specifically designed to help agencies around the world with their AdWords service. We also offer agencies a discount on our outsource SEM services based on the volume of work each month.

Who We Are View Ivan Galtsov's profile on LinkedIn

My name is Ivan Galtsov, I’m the founder and the lead AdWords specialist at SEMCove. Since October 2009 I have reviewed and set up more than 80 Google AdWords campaigns for the clients in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. I work with small local companies and large websites across multiple industries to grow their business online.

Please watch the video if you’d like to learn more about me. Or have a look at the benefits of our service and client testimonials if you’re still not convinced why you should work with us.

Google certified for AdWords Fundamentals, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Search Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Video Advertising.

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What People Say About Us

Ivan’s knowledge of SEO, SEM and Google Webmaster Tools was excellent and his ability to apply all of the various techniques to our website was second to none. The work he performed, along with the training and reports provided, greatly increased our understanding of SEO and other Google services and significantly increased our website visits and conversions!! The experience as a whole was extremely beneficial and Ivan’s friendly and professional approach was much appreciated.

AdWords Client Testimonial

Working with Ivan has been a dream. Ivan is the go to person for all SEO related queries and always had an answer. I have learn’t alot from Ivan while working together and he was always keen to teach. Ivan was the SEO expert in his role and the reason all the clients were successful came down to his work on their websites. Working with small to large well known clients, Ivan always worked hard to see the results increase for the clients. Which is very rewarding in terms of SEO. Ivan had a great talent not only in SEO but with our clients, he could easily talk to clients on their own level and help them understand. Ivan ran all our training programs for SEO, Adwords and Analytics and the feedback from our clients was amazing! It didn’t matter what level of understanding the client had he could always relate and adjust the training to suit the client. If you are lucky enough to work with Ivan or have training with him you would come out of it with much more knowledge and understanding.

AdWords Client Testimonial

Ivan is one of the most experienced SEO professionals in New Zealand. Working to a high standard with a high attention to detail, Ivan takes every client seriously, never cutting corners. He has achieved outstanding results in search for client in both Australia and New Zealand.

AdWords Client Testimonial

Ivan was the secret sauce within the digital agency we worked at. He has solid knowledge of all aspects of paid and organic search, and possesses excellent natural analytical skills. He has the ability to draw insight from raw data, is results-oriented and likes to see the proof in outcomes. I found he comes across as thoughtful but has a wild side hidden away, coupled with a good sense of humour he was great to work with. I would have no hesitation recommending Ivan in future.

AdWords Client Testimonial

I sat in on a company specific SEO training session that Ivan led. I was most impressed by Ivan’s knowledge about SEO, and I am not impressed easily.

AdWords Client Testimonial

Plans & Pricing

Small Campaign
Will suit a small lead generation website with 1-10 pages i.e. plumbing company
/ search campaign

    • AdWords Account & Campaign Review

    • Google & AdWords Account Setup (if not done)

    • High Level Keyword Research

    • AdWords & Analytics Linking

    • Basic Google Analytics Setup (if not done)

    • AdWords Campaign Setup

      • 3-5 Ad Groups

      • 9-15 Ads

      • Up to 100 Target Keywords

      • Up to 20 Negative Keywords

  • 48 Hours Turnaround Time (after briefing)

Medium Campaign
Will suit a medium size website with up to 200 pages such as a small e-commerce site
/ search campaign

    • AdWords Account & Campaign Review

    • Google & AdWords Account Setup (if not done)

    • Keyword Research

    • AdWords & Analytics Linking

    • Basic Google Analytics Setup (if not done)

    • AdWords Campaign Setup

      • 8-12 Ad Groups

      • 24-36 Ads

      • Up to 300 Target Keywords

      • Up to 35 Negative Keywords

  • 72 Hours Turnaround (after briefing)

Large Campaign
This plan is designed for large content websites i.e. business directory & bigger e-commerce sites
/ search campaign

    • AdWords Account & Campaign Review

    • Google & AdWords Account Setup (if not done)

    • In-Depth Keyword Research

    • AdWords & Analytics Linking

    • Basic Google Analytics Setup (if not done)

    • AdWords Campaign Setup

      • 15+ Ad Groups

      • 40+ Ads

      • 350+ Target Keywords

      • 40+ Negative Keywords

  • Turnaround Time Depends on a Project

Need a display (GDN), video or AdWords remarketing campaign set up?
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**AdWords coupons are only available to new AdWords customers

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